AT&T seeks quiet settlement with small claims Victor

Here is an update for an earlier story we had regarding a small claims litigant who sued AT&T for throttling his data while on an unlimited service plan.

It appears that AT&T is currently in talks to try and settle the case (which is odd, because they had no intent of doing so prior to the trial).  The law firm retained by AT&T has even threatened to cancel Matthew Spaccarelli’s cell phone service if he doesn’t sit down to talk.

AT&T has also stated they are appealing the judge’s decision.

While Mr. Spaccarelli admits he tethered the phone to his computer, he still believes AT&T went too far with the tethering and essentially rendered his phone unusable without any warning.

While we always encourage settlement before trial, it appears AT&T is now attempting to bully this small claims court winner into settling the case.  We think AT&T should pay their money and be quiet.  Asking Mr. Spaccarelli to be quiet is only going to make the problem worse.

Here’s a fun clip of Mr. Spaccarelli asking AT&T for his money:

We wish him the best of luck as this case continues to unfold.

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