Civic owner sues Honda and wins almost $10k

A few weeks ago, Heather Peters prevailed in a small claims court case against Honda.  Court Commissioner Douglas Carnahan awarded Peters $9,867.19 in damages (just under the new $10k threshold) (and note it was a commissioner, not a judge who made the decision).

In her case, Peters asserted Honda’s advertising misled her into believing her hybrid could achieve as much as 50 miles per gallon.

Honda, of course, is appealing the ruling.  They called it a “radical and unprecedented departure from California and federal law.”  We believe Honda’s comments are disrespectful and ignorant of the class action lawsuit against Honda on the very same issue.

In fact, Heather Peters had to opt out of the class action lawsuit in order to allow her case to move forward.  The advantage to this is that Heather was able to achieve far more than what she would obtain from a class action settlement.

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