Why CA Small Claims?

CA Small Claims is a hub for all your information regarding California small claims.  From determining whether you have a lawsuit, to understanding how to collect on a judgment, CA Small Claims covers it all.  This site should make your life easier in attempting to understand what your rights and obligations are under California law.

In California, Small Claims are cases where a party is asking for $7,500.00 or less.  It is a special court where issues are resolved in a more expedient and inexpensive fashion.  The rules are simplified (compared to a limited or unlimited civil case) and the hearing is more informal.  Parties are not allowed representation by attorneys, nor are there rules of evidence.  Finally, there are no juries.  Additionally, the courts are available to all–regardless of whether or not you are a U.S. citizen.

Each Small Claims Court case is unique, however, here are some common types of cases:

  • A person will not pay you back money you loaned him/her
  • You purchased a new stereo and it does not work (and the store refuses to return it)
  • You rented a room to a friend and he damaged some property and refuses to pay to have it repaired
  • Your landlord refuses to return your security deposit
  • You were in a minor accident and the other driver refuses to pay the body shop bill

What’s Unique About CA Small Claims?

There is alot of information on the internet (some of it outdated) in many places.  CA Small Claims is one site where you can receive the information, forms, and knowledge to walk you through all the steps involved in a small claims court case (whether you want to bring an action or defend yourself against one).

Our goal here is to be a one-stop site to answer all questions you may have.

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