AT&T Reverses Course, Decides not to Appeal Small Claims Court Case

In a sudden change of heart, AT&T has decided that it will not be appealing its loss in Ventura County Small Claims Court several weeks ago.  Instead, it has decided to pay Matt Spaccarelli’s damages ($850 + $85 in court costs).  This is a big change from AT&T’s prior position when it sought to appeal the decision and to muzzle Mr. Spaccarelli’s attempts to assist others in his position.  No word yet on whether AT&T will terminate his cell phone service.

Mr. Spaccarelli has created a website to assist other AT&T customers in his position.  Mr. Spaccarelli’s website lists the documents he used in his case.  In fact, Mr. Spaccarelli is already helping his brother who is similarly situated.

Why did Mr. Spaccarelli win?  Because he went in prepared.  He had a statement of the case prepared that he read to the judge and he was able to explain his case in a simple and straightforward fashion (even with something as complex as data throttling on cellular networks regulated by the FCC).  Kudos to Mr. Spaccarelli.  We hope this inspires other readers with their own cases.

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