Small Claims Court Arrest


In an earlier post, we discussed briefly your demeanor in a small claims court case.  Regardless of what state you are in, you will impress the judge, the court, and the rest of the courtroom if you are prepared and polite.  Do NOT watch Judge Judy, the People’s Court, or any other show expecting to pick up tips.  Interrupting the judge, the opposing party, or anyone else will do nothing but frustrate the judge and make it all the more difficult for you to win your case.

We need look no further than 46-year-old man in Milwaukee County courthouse who was arrested after the commissioner dismissed his case (remember, a judge may not decide your case, it could be a commissioner or a judge pro tem).  Courtroom officials noted the man became combative, yelling profanities, and disrupting the hearings in the gallery.  He even continued resisting once a deputy began to make the arrest, headbutting the initial deputy.  This is a quick trip to jail (Milawaukee County Correctional Facility to be exact) and to lose your case.

By far you will make a better impression by being punctual, prepared, and polite.  This applies to everyone in the courthouse from the security personnel who screen you as you enter the facility, to the employees in the clerk’s office, to the court clerk and bailiff in the courtroom.  You show respect to the judge and the judicial procedure by treating these people with professionalism.  The court will treat you with respect and will require the opposing party to treat you with respect as well.

Visit the local news affiliate for more information on the Milwaukee County Small Claims Court incident.

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