Small Claims Court Rules Against Police in $5k Ruling

Kitchener Small Claims Court

We often think of small claims cases as involving money owed from one person to another because of a contract, rent, or something else.  But what is great and unique about small claims court cases across the states, and even in Canada, are that you can sue even for actions not on contract, called tort.

For example, in Kitchener, Ontario, a judge ordered police to pay a family $5,000 for damages in banning a family from their home while police executed a “wrongful search and seizure” of their home.  The family was left without food, clothes, money, and identification.  The family had to spend the entire weekend with neighbors because the police had their home cordoned off.  It took the police another three days after the weekend in order to obtain a legal search warrant.

As expected, the police are appealing the verdict, saying the family should only be entitled to $2,000 in compensation.

Check out the article for more information.  We will post what happens to the appeal on our site as soon as we hear.

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